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Even more happening on the chainsaw protection trouser front

Even more happening on the chainsaw protection trouser front

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, May 12, 2011

The chainsaw protection trouser market for arborists has quietly ticked along for the last couple of years. Climbers have had a choice of trousers at various price points (and quality) to suit everyone's budget.

Things are about to change! Over the next few months the choice of arborist chainsaw protective trousers will expand somewhat.

Clogger will release their long awaited ArborMax trousers at the end of the month (see previous blog here).

French made SIP chainsaw protective trousers should be more readily available as of next month. SIP has been around the New Zealand market for some years and is considered to be pretty robust and hard wearing. They will probably be slightly more expensive than Clogger ArborMax. Download the SIP catalog here.

Stein Safety are also planning to launch a new chainsaw protective trouser mid-year. Treetools has field tested the prototype models and they have stood up well to New Zealand work conditions.

A unique feature of the Stein trousers will be a burn-proof patch on the right front hip - specially designed for those of you who prop the hedge trimmer power unit on your hip and then burn a hole in the trou with the exhaust!

Price-wise the Stein protective trousers should sit between the Clogger Arborist standard and Clogger ArborMax.

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