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Escalator: New Englands latest ascent line

Escalator: New Englands latest ascent line

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Someone at New England Ropes deserves a kick in the pants! The company has gone to all the bother (and expense) of producing a new ascent line and all Treetools can tell you is exactly that: New England Ropes have launched a new ascent line called Escalator: why struggle to the top? Just take the escalator!

According the very glossy advertising flyer Escalator is 11mm in diameter, offers ultra-low stretch and 'has a rugged polyester jacket with an innovative triple fiber core which contains aramid, HMPE, and polyolefin fibers".

Escalator weighs in at 77.4 grams per meter and has a tensile strength of 3636.4 kg. Oh… and stitched eyes if you want.

And that's about it - you can visit the New England website and you still won't be any the wiser.

Why is it so difficult to get any real meaningful information about something as important as a new ascent line? No tree climbers in the New England marketing department perhaps?

New England Ropes

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