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Edelrid Roka-e finally loaded onto theTreetools website!

Edelrid Roka-e finally loaded onto theTreetools website!

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, May 27, 2011

Edelrid in Germany have asked why we have not listed the Roka-e cambium saver on the Treetools website - particularly after we gave them a rocket for continually stalling production of this new cambium saver throughout 2010.

Our excuse - we've been too busy with the new shop! And that's the truth! 

Having had the Roka-e in stock since January we have finally loaded them onto the website - thanks Edelrid for prodding us into action.

The Roka-e is a hybrid as far as cambium savers go - kind of ring-based, while at the same time, kind of pulley-based. The cast steel 'rings' have a small pulley sheave located on the bottom edge, similar to the DMM Revolver to help reduce friction.

Climbers, who have trialled the Roka-e, say it performs exactly as claimed by Edelrid - friction is reduced over a ring-based saver but not quite as much as a pulley-based saver.

If you like a little bit of friction to remain in the system but also enjoy a relatively fast descent, the Edelrid Roka-e is worth more than a look. It's available in 90cm and 120cm lengths.

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