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Edelrid Micro-O accessory carabiner finally in stock

Edelrid Micro-O accessory carabiner finally in stock

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Edelrid Micro O carabiners have proved difficult to get but we finally have some in stock - not all of the order but some at least to satisfy the demand since we blogged about them back in March.

They are called Micro for a reason - they are small, that's very small, only 40mm high and 25mm wide at the widest point and have a strong wire gate which opens about 10mm. The Micro O is rated to 150kg offering 15kg loading with a 10:1 safety factor. The bar is flat which adds to their compactness.

The Mirco O will be popular for use on throwlines and as an accessory carabiner in SRT systems for attaching shock cords etc. They will also make a usefulSilky attachment, keeping everything tight and precise. Available in various colors.

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