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Edelrid Micro-O accessory carabiner arriving soon

Edelrid Micro-O accessory carabiner arriving soon

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, March 29, 2010

For some time now climbers have been asking about the availability of a small accessory carabiner originally made by Lucky. The Lucky's were rated to 400lbs or 150kg, flat-sided and D-shaped with a wire-gate. Apparently Lucky (the company) was consumed by Vaude and then by Edelrid so the Lucky Micro-O disappeared off the market for a while.

The Kong Mini Pear partially filled the void but the shape of the Micro-O is better suited as a prussic guideand retrieval carabiner. Edelrid are now manufacturing the Micro-O again under the Edelrid brand. Treetools will have a supply of Edelrid Micro-O's instore by mid-April. Size is 40mm x 25mm rated at 150kg.

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