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Excellent Hobart piccies from Fisher Photo Industry

Excellent Hobart piccies from Fisher Photo Industry

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Fisher Photo Industry (famous for the 2012 Sherrill catalog cover were on hand in Hobart to provide a photographic record the 2012 Australian National TCC and the 2012 Asia-Pacific Regional TCC.

Rob Fisher of Fisher Photo Industry, was the official photographer for the ISA sanctioned events but he would not have been in Hobart without support from Ben Abeleven, managing director Climbcare Australia, the Australian Distributor for Treemagineers, Teufelberger, DMM, product.

Climbcare Australia provided travel support to Hobart for Rob and Treescape Australia helped out with accommodation once he got there.

Tree climbing is maturing into a true 'sport' and with that comes a higher degree of professionalism.

In the long term, access to quality 'officially sanctioned' photography is one of the contributing factors in attracting key sponsors to these events so having Fisher Photo Industry in attendance is far more significant than just pretty pictures alone.

For now however, its simply the pleasure of looking over these great photos that's more important (and you'll recognize plenty of kiwi tree climbers in the line up - make sure you view both pages).

Fisher PhotographyPhotograph courtesy Fisher Photo Industry

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