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Double line rope walker alternative to SRT

Double line rope walker alternative to SRT

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, December 19, 2010

Soon to be Perth-based, Mason Walker received a Treetools Gift eCard from his workmates at Treescape as a going away present and he couldn't wait to redeem the card on a new double line rope walker system (as perfected by Atreestory?

Mason has spent the last few days installing lighting in some big gums just north of Auckland. He had seen the DLRW YouTube previously and figured this was a very efficient way to ascend on a doubled line. With a borrowed Pantin a short bungee and a hand ascender, Mason partially replicated the system on-the-job, but it still needed some fine tuning (the hand ascender was a bit too bulky). 

The Atreestory DLRW system uses two Pantins, but in the end Mason opted for a Croll as the top ascender. Treetools crimped up a 600mm length of 3mm bungee with a large eye at one end (for girth hitched to the top hole of the Croll) and a Kong Mini at the other for attachment to the small prussic on the standing part of Mason's line. A cows tail eye-2-eye was used as the connector to the left foot.

The Croll will not release from the line quite as easily as the Pantin but it has the added advantage of being useful in a SRT system (if required at a later date).

The two ascenders in this system are below your life-support connection point on the rope (the friction hitch). That's why the connectors between the ascenders are not necessarily PPE.

Have a look at the Atreestory video again and you'll get a better idea of how the system works. If SRT is not your thing, the DLRW model is possibly the next best option! Thanks Mason for sharing!

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