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Donahys Armor-Prus with a polyester core?

Donahys Armor-Prus with a polyester core?

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Donahys Armor-Prus is one the most popular 'heat-resistant' friction cords available on the market. A bit over a year ago, the powers that be started making noises about potential safety concerns regarding the splice being employed to make eye-to-eye Armor-Prus friction cords (commonly used in the ubiquitous 'Hitch climber' set-up).

The debate centered around the fact that some climbers were splicing Class II double braid Armor-Prus (Spectra/Kevlar core/Blended Technora/Polyester Sheath) cord with Class I (100% Polyester) splicing instructions.

During June 2010, Drew Bristow (DB Tree Splicing) working in conjunction with Treetools conducted a number of 8mm Armor-Prus eye-to-eye break-tests toascertain the strength of the Class 1 (albeit modified) splice against the Class II equivalent.

While the Treetools/DB Tree tests proved a point (to a degree), there was still a lingering doubt about the use of a Class I splice on a Class II cord?You will see the trend reflected under the heading 'Top Product Migration' for 2010.

The ideal answer appeared to be the production of a friction cord that utilized the tried and proven Armor-Prus heat-resistant sheath over a 100% polyestercore to accommodate the use of the Class I splice.

Rumor has it, such a friction cord is currently being developed. If the murmurings are true, it could spell REAL BENEFITS for tree climbers! What thisspace!

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