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Demo Day in Hamilton

Demo Day in Hamilton

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, August 17, 2009

Planning is now well underway for the Treetools Demo Day scheduled alongside the Waikato/BoP Regional Tree Climbing Competitions to be held at Ferry Bank Park, off Grantham Street in Hamilton on September 19, 2009 starting 8:00 am. All the climbing products currently available from Treetools will be on display.

Climbers will also have the opportunity to trial much of the equipment including Tachyon rope and the Treemagineers Hitch Climber System. Matt Glenn will demonstrate the ART product range including the Spiderjack 2 and the Positioner with Johno Smith trialling the Thompson Unicender. The Unicender is probably the only one available in New Zealand so this represents a good opportunity to experience this unique device.

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