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Production delays expected for Pfanner Protos Integral helmet

Production delays expected for Pfanner Protos Integral helmet

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, June 08, 2012

Pfanner's long-awaited Protos Integral arborist helmet with integrated ear protection, first discussed on this blog back in September 2010, has seen further delays in production. It still appears to be some time off before manufacturing can commence.

Company founder Anton Pfanner has advised customers, as of June 6, that no definite date can be given for the launch of the new helmet.

Apparently the Protos Integral has tested well (as a prototype) but it still has to go through 30 different test procedures before it can be made commercially available.

The helmet concept is so new it sits outside the norms for arborist safety helmets and therefore requires special evaluation and testing. The interpretation of the relevant safety standards and the methods used to simulate 'crash' testing are still under review by the authorities.

The situation must be very frustrating for Pfanner who have already invested over €1.8 million in development. And the process has taken nearly 14 years to complete - these things take time you know!

You'll just have to settle for the promo video instead (and guess at what the voice-over is saying - you'll get the idea).

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