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Dave Stejskal, No:2 in the 2010 Czech Republic TCC

Dave Stejskal, No:2 in the 2010 Czech Republic TCC

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Auckland climber, Dave Stejskal (Czech Dave) claimed number one position in the 2010 Czech Republic TCC preliminaries held on the weekend, affording him a climb in the Masters. Dave finished second overall (out of four Masters contestants).

Apparently the competition trees were huge, with 50m ofclimbing line barely doing the job. Throwline required 60m plus! The Masters tree was a massive 40m, spreading London Plane - a tree well liked by kiwiclimbers, so Dave was in his element.

Dave says he did not expect to get through to the Masters so had not trained with that in mind. He can now appreciate the sheer physical demand made onclimbers to complete the Masters after a day of competition" "Your mind wants so much but your body just hasn't got enough energy" says Dave.

With this placing, Dave could represent the Czech Republic in the 2011 European TCC scheduled for Vienna, Austria.

Well done Dave, we are all proud of you!

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