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DMM show their support for New Zealand

DMM show their support for New Zealand

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, November 21, 2011

DMM is one of the first tree climbing gear manufacturers to start showcasing product for 2012. DMM, Teufelberger and the Treemagineers donated a pile of 'demo' gear to the Association back in August following the Treemagineers successful tour down under.

As part of the deal, NZ Arbor agreed to the use of their logo on DMM promotional material - a great endorsement for both parties.

Have a look through the 2012 DMM catalog and you'll see some of the equipment previewed by Treemagineers Chris Cowell and Mark Bridge while they were in New Zealand.

DMM Professional climbing equipmentThanks to Drew Bristow, DB Tree Splicing for this lead.

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