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DMM: hardware of choice for NZ arborists

DMM: hardware of choice for NZ arborists

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, February 14, 2010

Over recent months DMM hardware has begun outselling Petzl at Treetools, particularly on the carabiner front. For a long time the Petzl Am'Dand the Petzl William have been considered standard tree climbing kit and, as such, have held a commanding lead in sales over all other carabiners.

But the position is shifting. The DMM Ultra O is now Treetools biggest selling carabiner. The Ultra O is designed to work in tandem with the DMM Hitch Climber so its not surprising this carabiner has taken the lead. The Hitch Climber was designed in association with the Treemagineers and all of the Treemagineer related products are very popular with NZ tree climbers.

Treetools will be adding to the DMM range over the next few months. Thiswill include the rigging hubs, a wider range of carabiners and any other new products developed jointly by the Treemagineers, DMM Wales and Teufelberger.

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