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DMM gear appeals to tree climbing innovators

DMM gear appeals to tree climbing innovators

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, March 16, 2012

Shiny new climbing hardware always attracts attention but there is something about the DMM product that brings out the innovator in tree climbers - maybe the DMM designers planned it that way!

DMM Bat XS rigging plate only arrived in the warehouse yesterday and one has already found its way onto Drew Bristow's Treemotion harness bridge to act as a unique, textile friendly, 'multi-port' for carabiners and connectors - see photograph below.

The XS replaces the bridge ring and provides multiple connection points. The holes on the XS are too small to allow the carabiner barrel to pass through. This feature should reduce the opportunity for cross loading while still allowing for torsional positioning.

Another Bat XS is on its way up the NTCA Otaua Tree Climbers Gathering scheduled for this weekend in Northland.

The NTCA Bat XS will be employed as the hub connector for the kids speedline. This low profile unit will sit below the Petzl Tandem>. The two side holes will accommodate the tag line and the bottom hole will connect the climber.

NTCA Otaua kids arena organizer, Climb Every Thing Johno Smith, chose the Bat XS because of its low profile which reduces the space between the Tandem pulley and the climber.

DMM Bat Rigging Plates are available in XS (extra small), Small, Medium and Large. The XS, Small and Medium should appeal to arborists. While the large DMM Bat could work in a tree rigging application it is possibly better suited to rescue work - only time will tell.

Drew Bristow's new toy - the DMM Bat XS!

DMM Bat Plate XS

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