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DMM by design: no sacrifice to safety

DMM by design: no sacrifice to safety

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, October 15, 2011

The video below was first uploaded in 2008 but the information it contains is still relevant today. Have a listen to what DMM Technical Director Fred Hall has to say. Fred talks passionately about design and manufacture, with no sacrifice to safety.

"You cannot trade one with the other" according to Fred, "that is a total non-starter to us, the product must be right, it must be safe, but it must also give the climber a big advantage".

It appears many kiwi tree climbers would agree with Fred, judging by the volume of DMM product moving through the Treetools store!

DMM is the only in-house producer of hot forged climbing equipment in the UK. The video was produced by Design Wales.

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