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DMM Yates vs Petzl Am'D

DMM Yates vs Petzl Am'D

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, September 04, 2009

Treetools listed the DMM Yates TriLock carabiners mid-August after Matt Glen had seen them in a box of trial tree climbing gear we received from a supplier for review. Matt liked the size, weight and smooth one-handed operation of the gate mechanism and thought they might sell well. We ran a comment about the DMM Yates in the Treetools blog and hoped Matt was right in his observations.

Since then other climbing customers have noted the resemblanceto the Petzl Am'D and on closer inspection we found them to be almost identical in shape (the DMM Yates is ever so slightly wider and utilizes the I-beamdrop forging like other DMM biners). The DMM Yates is lighter and stronger on the side load… and less expensive, if not by much. Everyone who holdsthis carabiner in their hand ends up buying one - or two - even climbers who turned up to buy the Petzl Am'D! The DMM Yates appears to be a winner - thanksMatt.

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