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DMM Pinto Spacers now in stock

DMM Pinto Spacers now in stock

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The DMM Pinto spacer saga started back in March with the release of the Pinto Rig. Kiwi's, impatient for the launch of the genuine spacer, milled up their own versions from aluminum and Nylex.

The first genuine spacer available in New Zealand was the 10mm hole Pinto Rig option. The 10mm center hole limited its use to 10mm (or less) cordage, essentially friction cord only and it was too wide to fit the smaller Pinto pulley. Climbers immediately wanted the larger center hole version for both Pintos.

When the Pinto PUL110-SPA spacer arrived everyone thought their problems were solved - they could use the one spacer for both Pintos. Not so, the larger hole Pinto Spacer is slightly narrower (12mm verses 14mm) than the Rig version so it is not ideally suited to the Pinto Rig.

Finally Treetools has all three spacers in stock: the small hole Rig spacer, the large hole Rig spacer and the large hole Pinto spacer.

The DMM Pinto Spacers are designed to stop the side plates of the pulley coming together when loaded. The Spacer is only required when cordage is threaded through the top attachment holes. The Spacer is not necessary when the Pinto or Pinto Rig is connected via a carabiner.

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