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DMM Pinto Rig finds home for kiwi knot

DMM Pinto Rig finds home for kiwi knot

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, February 21, 2011

Attachment using rope or webbing (through the two top holes) on the new DMM Pinto Rig requires a spacer to sit between the two side plates. Treetools (and quite a few other retailers we believe) were unaware of this requirement when the DMM orders were placed some months ago. We have no spacers in stock - they are due next month.

But… necessity is the mother of invention! 

Climbers who had purchased the Pinto Rig (without a spacer) started appearing at the shop with the Pinto Rig attached via a twin-legged prussic. The modified prussic easily accommodated the requirement for individual side plate attachment.

We mentioned this particular method of Rig attachment to Treemagineer Chris Cowell. (The Treemagineers designed the Pinto pulleys).

Apparently the knot can be attributed to our very own Jelte Buddingh from Dunedin. Jelte introduced the knot to Chris at a DMM Wales gear testing session a couple of years back. Since that time the European's have called the knot, the Jelte Prussic.

To tie the knot, simply thread an appropriate length of cord through the two top holes of the Pinto Rig and tie the ends together using double-fishermans. Then, place your finger between the plates and lift the center rope as shown below. Now tie a standard prussic.

The Pinto Rig pulley is proving to be very popular indeed. Rig-based rope savers seem to be the main application to date but obviously there are hundreds of other uses.

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