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DMM Impact Blocks impressing users!

DMM Impact Blocks impressing users!

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, February 11, 2011

Treetools has finally listed the new DMM Impact Blocks on our website. But some customers have not been able to wait - they have dropped into the store and purchased a block on first sighting!

Apart from the obvious styling of the DMM product it is thestrength-to-weight ratio that impresses most arborists. The small Impact Block option has a working load limit of 40kN and the large 60kN.

You could argue the smaller 40kN unit would cover all rigging applications but the sheave can only accommodate rigging ropes up to 16mm. If you are runninglarger diameter ropes you will need the large Impact block.

With such high WLL's it is worth reconsidering the impact forces generated when an branch or trunk section is loaded into the block.

Use the calculator and put figures into the 'mass' and dropped 'height' boxes and press enter - you might be surprised to see the Average Impact Forcegenerated! (the figure shown in the Average Impact Force box is in Newtons - you'll need to drop off the last three zeros to get the kN figure).

Aren't you glad you invested in the new DMM Impact Block!

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