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DMM Impact Blocks and Pinto Rig pulleys finally arrive!

DMM Impact Blocks and Pinto Rig pulleys finally arrive!

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, January 21, 2011

The new Impact Blocks and Pinto series pulleys from the Treemagineers and DMM received plenty of web space over 2010.

Today, the DMM Impact Blocks and the Pinto Rig finally landed and they look pretty damn good. The standard 13mm Pinto is yet to arrive. 

Treetools believe the Pinto series may even surpass the DMM Hitch Climber in terms of pulley popularity.

Both the Pinto 110 and the 120 (Rig) are designed to work in conjunction with the DMM Ultra O and the DMM Boa. They are not suitable for use with D-shaped carabiners - the angle of the carabiner bar forces the Pinto 'off-line'.

When configured with ropes a small spacer must be placed between the top holes on the two side plates - this might prove to be a bit fiddly but time will tell.

The load-bearing 'becket' joining the two side plates is a welcome new addition and will open up all sorts of interesting configurations. Rope and/or a carabiner can be attached to the bottom 'becket".

Treetools have a limited number of large and small Impact Blocks along with the 16mm Pinto Rig ready now for viewing - prices are yet to be confirmed.

Small Impact Block, large Impact Block and 16mm Pinto Rig

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