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DB Tree to launch new products

DB Tree to launch new products

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rumor has it Drew Bristow, a well known New Zealand  tree climber and arborist, plans to launch a range of tree climbing products branded DB Tree. We believe the first batch of products will be climbing 'kits'. ie specially selected CE rated hardware and spliced ropes by Drew, combined in a kit ready for climbing. The complete kit is apparently more economic than purchasing each element individually. The concept is not new - what is different is the direct access to Drew's knowledge and experience. Drew is a working practitioner who uses these climbing systems on a daily basis.

Climbing hardware and 'systems' are moving so rapidly most climbers are unable to keep up with developments. Treetools certainly has its fair share of customers seeking advice on the right configuration of equipment. The DB Tree product set (and advice from Drew) should eliminate the 'hit and miss' nature of many climbing hardware purchases.

Treetools will stock the DB Tree product as soon as it becomes available. Check out the pictures of the DB Tree prototypes below. (Note these are not 'official' DB Tree pictures and the finished product is bound to change).

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