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DB Tree Rope Saver update

DB Tree Rope Saver update

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, August 28, 2009

The ART Cocoon 2 'cone' spreaders have arrived for the DB Tree Rope Savers. As Drew had planned, the spreader ensures a smooth retrieval of the Rope Saver from the ground.

The milled, hard nylex 'cones' are just the right length and behave like a knee joint on the ball head of the Cocoon allowing a slight bending motion as it passes over the wide spiced eye during the retrieval process.

One final touch may include the stitching down the tabs on the Aspiring Dyneema sling to absolutely streamline the system - otherwise its almost ready to go.

The DB 'cones' will be sold as part of the DB Tree Rope Saver system and not sold separately at this point.

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