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DB Tree Rope Saver trial at Demo Day

DB Tree Rope Saver trial at Demo Day

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, September 17, 2009

The DB Tree Rope Saver will be on display at the Demo Day this Saturday in Hamilton. Production is almost underway after much development work - instructions and packaging are the only elements missing before launch. Drew, Johno and Matt have trialled the prototype Rope Savers, in a work situation, over the last months and they are performing above expectations.

Ross Smith, now in Christchurch, has also contributed (Ross was also one of the first in NZ to use Tachyon rope - see his comments here - click on the Comments link below the report by Drew). Treetools will have a traditional cambium saver, the ART Primus, ART Rope Guide and the DB Tree alternative set up for comparison - then you can decide which one is best value for money.

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