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DB Tree Rope Saver improvements

DB Tree Rope Saver improvements

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, December 07, 2009

The closer the retrieval shackle is to the choke the easier the rope saver is to retrieve!

This EUREKA moment lead to some changes in the latest DB Tree Rope Saver. The original version was a finite length (usually 1.3 m) and had a very tight spliced eye (with a DB Tree shackle) at the retrieval end. In other words, the smaller the anchor branch the further away the retrieval end could be (depending on the overall length of your rope saver relative to the diameter of the anchor limb).

The latest version from Drew Bristow now hasa knotted (and stitched) termination on the retrieval end and the retrieval shackle is attached via a second Aspiring webbing sling prussik. This allowsthe climber to adjust the position of the retrieval end (closer to the choke) and the system can still be sized according to the diameter of the limb therope saver is anchored to. In general, a 1.3 m rope saver will now work in most situations.

Another improvement in the latest edition is in the construction of the soft eye. Donahys Solcore is spliced into the top half of the eye and the Spark
core is removed altogether. This ensures the eye 'springs' back into an open position for ease of installation but will compress just as easily when itcomes to removal.

The DB Tree Rope Saver is an excellent tool for climbers wishing to migrate to a pulley-based friction saver. But remember, the friction 'saved' at theanchor point is transferred to the hitch so be prepared to invest in a robust friction cord like the Treemagineers fully rated  Ocean Polyester, DonahysArmor-Prus or Yale Bee Line and utilize a friction hitch with low 'base' friction (eg Distel or VT).

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