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DB Tree Rope Saver development

DB Tree Rope Saver development

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, August 20, 2009

Work is almost complete on the DB Tree Rope Saver - the first product in the DB Tree range. The development team had one hurdle left - how to spread the load across the shoulders of the ART Cocoon pulley.

Without a 'spreader' the shoulders can snag in a tight crotch when retrieving from the ground. The problem was partially solved with a 'modified' funnel taped in place on the rope. However this solution produced mixed results and didn't look that flash. The cone on the ART Primus was considered a possibility but after a few trials it became apparent the cone needed to be narrowed and lengthened to achieve the desired results.

Drew approached Treetools for assistance. Peter Tregoweth, an engineering designer with Alloy Yachts, completed CAD drawings and a concept cone was milled from a block of nylon by Dotmar Engineering. Production is now underway - pricing will be confirmed once Drew returns from his R&D trip to the UK. Check the comparison pics below.

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