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Confusion reigns over AS/NZ Harness Standards

Confusion reigns over AS/NZ Harness Standards

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Treetools blogged mid-December about the AS/NZ 1891.1:2007 standard for tree climbing harnesses. We stated that only a couple of harnesses, commercially available in New Zealand, met the AS/NZ standard.

This does not mean the Aspiring Arborist harness and the Buckingham Aussie Traverse or AussieMaster are the only harnesses that arborists can buy to comply with Department of Labour mandates. 

Don't get this wrong - these are perfectly good harnesses but the fact is: AS/NZ harnesses represent a very small percentage of the total volume of harnesses sold into the New Zealand tree care market.

Customers should be advised that all other arborist (work positioning) harnesses DO reach an appropriate EN of ANSI Standard (EN 358, EN813 or ANSI Z359.3 work positioning) but not necessarily AS/NZ 1891.1:2007.

Most companies prefer, if possible, to purchase products with the appropriate AS/NZ standard but in the case of harnesses the range is very limited hence the greater sales volume in EN and ANSI standard harnesses.

Treetools offer a full range of harnesses to suit all body sizes, shapes and weights (if we had it our way we'd only sell one harness but unfortunately that is simply not possible) because harnesses are like boots: what fits one person might not fit another. All these harnesses reach an appropriate EN, ANSI or AS/NZ standard.

Virtually all companies accept EN and ANSI standards as a substitute for AS/NZ: not just with harnesses but across the board. 

European Standards developed by CEN for fall protection PPE

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