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Comments facility censored due to abuse of the system

Comments facility censored due to abuse of the system

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, September 02, 2011

Regular readers of the Treetools blog will be familiar with the 'Comments' facility we provide.

In the past, the ability to post public comments, relative to each blog post, was completely open and without moderation. Every now and then Treetools was forced to intervene and delete inappropriate comments but, by and large, the 'open' system worked well.

However, due to a serious abuse of this procedure earlier in the week, we have decided to change the way 'Comments' can be made.

From today on, you will need to be registered with Treetools and be 'logged in' before comments can be accepted. Each comment will be approved before it can be published.

For all of our loyal readers who have used the 'Comments' box without a problem in the past, we regret having to implement, what could be considered, draconian measures but it is a necessary to stop offensive personal comments from being made public before we have a chance to delete them.

Every cloud has a silver lining though - these new measures will eliminate spam on our site - perhaps we should consider it a coming of age for the Treetools blog! Thanks for your continued support.

Above is the box you will see if you are not logged in.

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