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Clogger ArborMax in FireShield? Yes, but…

Clogger ArborMax in FireShield? Yes, but…

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The new Clogger ArborMax chainsaw protection trousers we featured yesterday   have created a lot of interest and customers want to know more.

One recurring question is whether or not the ArborMax trousers will be available in Clogger's fire resistant FireShield   fabric.

For those who do not know, FireShield is a flame resistant fabric consisting of 88% cotton and 12% nylon treated with Proban. Proban does not wash or wear out and will last for the lifetime of the garment (Clogger Fireshield meets AS2755 Parts 1 & 2 for flame resistance).

FireShield garments provide protection from flame and electrical arc flash overs (measured as Electrical Arc Thermal Performance - or ATP Value) making them the perfect garment perfect for vegetation management around high tension power lines.

More and more companies are becoming aware of the hazards associated when working around high tension power lines and the possibility of an electrical arc flash over. As a result they have adopted the USA’s minimum benchmark for ATP value for clothing which is 8.0 cal/cm² (NFPA Code 70E, Category 2).

Clothing made with Clogger FireShield meets the NFPA requirement. Clogger FireShield has an ATP value of 9.1 cal/cm² when tested according to ASTM F1959.

And… with its nylon content, FireShield also provides higher tear strength and abrasion resistance than similar 100% cotton fabrics (meaning they don't tear as easily as other fire resistant chainsaw trou).

So… the answer is to the ArborMax/FireShield question is yes, but it will not be a stock item - you'll have to wait about a week to ten days once the order is placed.

Talk to Treetools if you want more information about Clogger ArborMax and FireShield.

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