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Clogger ArborMax due by month end!

Clogger ArborMax due by month end!

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Zenitec, the New Zealand manufacturers of Clogger have been beavering away on a new pair of arborist chainsaw protection trousers for the last nine months - and now they are almost ready for launch.

The Clogger ArborMax trousers will sit alongside the brand's current arborist trousers but offer a few additional features.

Made from the next generation of Clogger's own fabric Arrestex HP, these new trousers are very lightweight. They also feature a double-wall seat and waterprooffabric to above the knee along with all the features you would expect from a decent pair of arb trou.

The ArborMax prototypes were fully tested in the field where they received very positive feedback. You'll pay a premium over the standard Clogger arboristchainsaw protection trousers but it should be well worth the money.

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