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Climb Every Thing, Johno Smith still in hospital

Climb Every Thing, Johno Smith still in hospital

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, November 18, 2010

Johno Smith completed the Aerial Rescue (placing third) at the NZ NTCC on Friday and then promptly took himself off to hospital. An aggressive spider had given him a good bite earlier in the week and things had begun to turn nasty.

Johno returned to the comp on Saturday, hobbling around on crutches. By Monday morning he was back in hospital for another operation on his leg. He will stay in hospital being drip feed anti-biotics until the leg infection subsides.

The Climb Every Thing team (of which Johno is a member) made the NZ Herald over the weekend for the 'unofficial' climb of the Victoria Park Market chimney, a well know Auckland landmark. Zane Wedding and Johno climbed the 38m high structure in the dark of night and set off flares once they reached the top - to prove a point - see below

Photography by Is It Me Photography

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