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Chrissy Spence trials the new DMM Pinto at the ITCC in Chicago

Chrissy Spence trials the new DMM Pinto at the ITCC in Chicago

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, July 31, 2010

Treemagineer, Chris Cowell gave Chrissy Spence one of the new (yet to be released) DMM Pinto pulleys to try at the ITCC in Chicago. Unlike other top climbers, Chrissy does not climb on the DMM Hitch Climber, preferring instead a more traditional slack tending arrangement.

There are a couple of new pulleys due on the market over the next few months (see previous Stein Skywalker blog - the Skywalker is considered a two-holed Hitch Climber style pulley) but the release of the DMM Pinto is perhaps the most anticipated in the tree climbing world.

A unique feature of the Pinto is the rounded cheekplates and fairlead flares (not unlike the Hitch Climber) but it is the rated curved becket joining the fixed plates that will attract the most attention.

We have blown up a section in the photo of Chrissy below so you can see how it is configured. The only other fixed plate, friction tending pulley with a rated becket sold by Treetools is the ISC Fixed (becket rated at 12 kN).

One advantage the Pinto has over the ISC Fixed is the position of the pulley sheave. The Pinto is specifically designed to be used as configured by Chrissy. The pulley sheave on the Pinto is located towards the center of the plates to accommodate attachment of the friction hitch to the becket without interfering with the rolling action of the sheave.

Treetools sponsored Chrissy Spence during the aerial rescue, 2010 ITCC in Chicago. Photograph supplied by Treemagineer, Chris Cowell.

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