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Chrissy Spence to compete in the 2010 European TCC

Chrissy Spence to compete in the 2010 European TCC

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Treetools sponsored, 2010 Asia-Pacific TCC winner Chrissy Spence is to compete in the womens division of the 2010 European Tree Climbing Championship held in Prague, Czech Republic on the weekend of June 12-13. Chrissy leaves New Zealand today on the start of a two month European/USA tour taking in both the European TCC and the International TCC at the Morton Arboreum in Chicago on July 24-25.

Chrissy will join fellow kiwis Scott Forrest, James Kilpatrick and Craig Wilson in Prague. NZ Regional Women's TCC winner and current Women's Footlock World Record holder Nicky Ward-Allen will join the New Zealand climbing team in Chicago.

Chrissy Spence competing in the Open Masters in Auckland

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