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Chrissy Spence and Stef White unable to attend the AP TCC

Chrissy Spence and Stef White unable to attend the AP TCC

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Chilean ash cloud has forced New Zealand woman's NZ Arbor No 1 Chrissy Spence and rookie international climber Stef White out of the Asia-Pacifc TCC due to start Friday in Singapore.

Stef and Chrissy, scheduled to fly out yesterday had their flights postponed until today. Both were flying JetStar and today's flights were cancelled at the last minute leaving the two grounded in New Zealand.

Treescape climber, Tumai Laybourn was still in New Zealand as of this morning but he may have been able to transfer to Singapore Airlines who have maintained their flight plans. Gear check is tomorrow, so timing will be tight!

As far as we know Scott Forrest, James Kilpatrick, Jawand Nga Chun and Andy Neverman are already in Singapore. Nicky Ward-Allen has also arrived as planned, making her the only New Zealand woman to make it to Singapore.

Treetools will post more information as it comes to hand.

Stef White competing in the Taranaki Open earlier in the year

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