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Chest ascenders get smaller and lighter

Chest ascenders get smaller and lighter

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Treetools blogged about the Kong Futura Body back in early July. NZ No.2 tree climber Scott Forrest, on a recent visit to Treetools, reminded us about this new device when he commented (positively) on its size and weight.

The Futura Body is rated the same(CE EN 567 and 12841-B) as the Petzl Crollbut only weighs 80g (PetzlCroll 130g). The Body is also significantly smaller and more compact than its competitor.

The top hole on the Futura Body is designed to accommodate 'soft' connectors eg a webbing sling or rubber bungee and the bottom connection point is contouredto ensure the unit hugs the body as the name would suggest. The shape of the hole allows the unit to sit 'flat' along the connecting carabiner bar.

We have not eyeballed one of these units yet, or had them in the field for testing, so we are reserving our final comments.

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