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Chainsaw protection trousers debate

Chainsaw protection trousers debate

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, May 24, 2010

When not talking about tree climbing at the recent ISAAC Conference in Adelaide the discussion invariably drifted towards chainsaw protection; the various trouser options available, Type A or Type C, weight, temperature control, style, cut and which pair were the best to invest in for Australian (and New Zealand) conditions.

Temperature control appears to be the biggest issue, followed closely by weight and durability.

Along with these features climbers are interested in the fit and stretchability of the outer fabric. New Zealand requirements for chainsaw protectiontrousers are exactly the same, particularly temperature control.

Anecdotal evidence suggests Clogger are the dominant choice in chainsaw protection trousers but companies are always looking for other alternatives -durability (trouser lifetime) being one issue with Clogger. Husqvarna and Stihl are also popular in Australia. Stetch Air and SIP are less common but stillsought after - price being a barrier.

In an effort to retain or reduce costs chainsaw trouser brand owners often change the composition of the fabric used and possibly the manufacturer aswell.

This strategy can make it difficult for the customer. For example you may own a particular brand of chainsaw protection trousers which have served youwell but when you purchase a new pair of the identical brand they are not made to the same quality as your original pair!

The Stihl Advance Type A chainsaw protection trousers are generating the most interest in the market at the moment.

They are 30% lighter than other chainsaw protection trousers available to day and thermal insulation has been reduced by over 20% on previous materialsmaking them much 'cooler' for New Zealand conditions.

Treetools will have Stihl Advance Type-A chainsaw trousers available for sale mid-June.

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