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Carabiner manufacturing

Carabiner manufacturing

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The humble carabiner is a vital piece of climbing kit and there are plenty of options for climbers to choose: D-shape, Pear-shape, Oval, HMS, etc made by any number of manufacturers. Treetools prefer the DMM range - they are extremely lightweight, available in all shapes and sizes with various gate options.

As a company, DMM are keen on innovation and have partnered with many leading climbers to create some unique products - think Treemagineers and Hitch Climber or Revolver. If you want to learn more about carabiners download the Treemagineers 'Go Configure' brochure here (PDF 14.8 MB). And, take the DMM factory tour to see what goes into making your carabiner.

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