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Bigboys on the Barrier

Bigboys on the Barrier

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Track clearance workers often come across larger wind-blown branches that need to be cleared. If you had a chainsaw you could make light work of it. But, using a chainsaw in the bush requires two operators (for safety), the chainsaw itself, a Toucan fuel container, a fire extinguisher etc and this equipment is not usually carried around in your pack!

Duane Walker, a ranger with Great Barrier Dept of Conservation, considered the problem and decidedthe solution lay with the Silky Bigboy 2000. The Bigboy is an extra large tooth, folding Silky with a 360 mm hard-chromed blade. Duane liked this unitbecause it can be folded to fit in your pack, without exposing the teeth and it can rip though limbs with ease. Extra large teeth tend to produce a roughercut but this is not an issue with wind-blown limbs and the long handle allows for two-handed use so you can really get into the sawing motion.

Now wind-blown branches can be cleared on the Barrier when they are found instead of having to return the next day with a chainsaw.

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