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2011 - a big year for New Zealand tree climbing

2011 - a big year for New Zealand tree climbing

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 is almost over and what a fantastic year it has been for the New Zealand tree climbing community!

Chrissy Spence and Scott Forrest are the International Champions, Nicky Ward-Allen and James Kilpatrick hold the world foot lock records and the 'dream team' of Scott Forrest, James Kilpatrick and Ross Kite are the International Tree Dismantle Champions.

New Zealand has 155 competitive tree climbers listed on the NZ Arbor database. Plus there are plenty more aerial arborists around the country who do not compete in the tree climbing competitions but are still valued members of the wider kiwi tree climbing community.

Everyone has contributed, some unknowingly, to the view that New Zealand tree climbers are the best in the world.

Thanks to everyone involved - 2012 here we come!

NZ Tree Climbers are the best in the WorldThis is the last Treetools blog post for 2011. Our Kerwyn Ave showroom will close Christmas Eve and re-open on January 9, 2012. Shipping of internet sales will also resume on that date.

Thanks for all the support during the year, climb safe and don't drink too much! Cheers from the Treetools team - Karen, Anna and Rich (with a lot of help from Drew Bristow, Johno Smith and Rossy Ross)!

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