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Big impact expected from DMM

Big impact expected from DMM

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, May 24, 2010

The high quality, aluminum Arborist Block market has been dominated by ISC for the last few years. Now DMM Wales are about the make a big impact with their new Impact Blocks (available from Treetools later in the year).

As you can see from the picture below, the DMM Impact Block is a little different. Apart from its distinctive design, the cheek plates are rounded off to ensure low rope abrasion when the line is fed 'unfair' onto the sheave and the fairlead flares help maintain a high working efficiency. We are fairly certain the Treemagineers were involved with the design of this new product.

The cheekplates are hot forged in 6082-T6 aluminum, anodized to EN-795B-1:2001 Class I0EI for corrosion protection. The spindles are made from stainless steel with oilite bushings on the sheave to reduce friction. The DMM Impact Blocks meet the CE certification to European Machinery Regulations 2005.

There will be two options available from Treetools: large and small. The large Impact Block has a working load limit of 60kN and will accommodate ropes up to 20mm. The smaller unit has a working load limit of 40kN and maximum rope diameter of 16mm.

These new DMM Impact Blocks will provide an excellent alternative to the current ISC offering and prices will be competitive.

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