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Beal Pinch wins tree climbing friends

Beal Pinch wins tree climbing friends

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Beal Pinch originally came out of rock climbing but, as a tree climber, it is one of the most useful bits of kit you could invest in (some of you may have seen the Beal Pinch at the WEL Networks sponsored Treemagineers workshops in Hamilton last week).

Designed to hold rope or webbing in place on the carabiner bar, the Pinch is definitely the best of the carabiner 'minder' tools available. Most of the other carabiner retainer options have a limited life and they don't hold gear in place on the carabiner to the same degree as the Pinch.

At first glance you might think the holes are too small to be of any use but the Pinch will stretch into most shapes.

It is flexible enough to fit most ropes and webbing, even those with the bulk of a tight eye (which can be passed through the center hole on the Pinch). The rubber-like material forms to the shape of the carabiner bar and grips tenaciously. It will move, but is does require a bit of gentle persuasion to do so.

God knows what the Pinch is made out of but it is incredibly strong and abrasion resistant.

A 'must have a few' item for every tree climber!

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