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Bahco pole 'saw' comparison

Bahco pole 'saw' comparison

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, July 27, 2009

The range in saws available can be daunting to anyone new to pruning and Bahco is no exception. We get numerous questions regarding the difference between the two Bahco pole saws available for the AP-3M (or FP-3M ) and the AP-5M extension poles. As with all pruning saws it gets down to what you are trying to achieve.

The Bahco 386-6T is a professional Hard Point saw with a hook at one end (to stop the blade slipping off the branch) and a striking knife, close to the handle, for undercutting bark at the other. The striking knife is handy on trees with tough, stringy bark. The cut branch often gets 'hung-up' due the bark attachment on the underside of the cut - this problem can easily be remedied with an upward thrust using the sharp edge of the striking knife. The 386-6T is primarily designed for use with the extension poles. It can be utilized as a hand saw but the handle lacks the shaped grip and flared end of the Bahco 339-6T . The blade is also permanently riveted to the handle. This saw is designed for orchard or garden use pruning heavy branches.

In contrast the Bahco 339-6T, with its slightly narrower blade is more suitable for general pruning work - and without the hook it is more precise and will get into tighter spots on the tree. This saw can easily be used as a hand saw - the angled end to the grip stops your hand from slipping off the handle. It can be connected to either the AP-3M (FP-3M) or the 5M by using the screw attachment hidden in the base of the handle. Both saws are Hard Point and have 6 cutting teeth per inch (non-clogging) but only the 339-6T has an easily replaced blade (held into the handle by a Phillps bolt and recessed nut).

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