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Bad arb practice questioned! Thank you Matt Glen!

Bad arb practice questioned! Thank you Matt Glen!

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, June 10, 2011

Yesterday we ran an article demonstrating a 'solo' topping effort. Climberdad shows off plenty of gear but there are a number of questionable practices in this video. Currently, in the New Zealand market at least, there is debate centered around 'Arboriculture Best Practice' and this video demonstrates plenty of what some would call, bad practice.

There was some debate around the office before we posted this video but I wanted to see if anyone commented on it. I wanted to know if  climbers could recognize 'bad' practice or whether they were content with the entertainment value only. 

There was a risk we could alienate people but we figured our blog readers were forthright enough to post comment.

Thankfully, Mr Matt Glen came through and 'outed' us with another 'MATT SAYS NO!' You can read Matt's 'offline' email to me below:

Hey rich,

Just finished watching the Solo Pine Lopping vid with all the gadgets in.

To be honest I was pretty shocked you put that up? I know there's lots of gear in it. But Solo Climbing, more importantly Work Climbing on your Own is a MASSIVE No No in Our Industry and Shouldn't be promoted by any means. It shouldn't be advertised at all in my Opinion other that its very dangerous and death could happen and will happen, by doing this.

Also Topping a tree is one of the worst things you can do to a tree and also should be avoided at all costs. Really bad for the tree, in years to come its potentially very dangerous and looks wrong.

I feel I should just mention this, as lots of people from all over the world look at your blog.

You can see what I am getting at anyway. This is just my Opinion but I am sure there will be many people thinking the same. This is not good practice and not what our industry needs, we need to work away from these old habits and educate in the correct way.

I don't mean to have a go, just feel I needed to tell you what I think. Unsure if you know the fundamentals of Topping trees.

Cheers Matt

Thank you Matt, you have restored my faith in the intelligence of Treetools blog readers - Best Practice will definitely be achieved with arborists of your caliber in the industry.

BTW: I do know the fundamentals of tree topping.

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