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Auckland tree climbers make TVNZ Close-up at 7:00pm

Auckland tree climbers make TVNZ Close-up at 7:00pm

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Amrbym volcano climbers, Drew Bristow and Johno Smith featured tonight on TVNZ Close-up at 7:00pm. The news item centered around the cameraman, Geoff Mackley, but it was the tree climbers we were most interested in.

The nutter in the 'silver suit' is actually none other than Drew Bristow himself (youcan see Johno Smith slightly lower to the left in some of the video footage below). These guys did a great job and are now the poster boys of NZ climbing!

Unfortunately, Johno is suffering from malaria following the expedition. Johno spent the day yesterday with Treeools. At times you could see the tollmalaria was taking on his body.

Luckily, Johno is being looked after by the best doctors in the world and we are sure he'll be back to climbing before we know it! Check out the videobelow if you have not seen their amazing feat.

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