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Arb staff shortages cause concern

Arb staff shortages cause concern

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Treetools has blogged about arborist staff shortages in New Zealand on numerous occasions.

Back in November we alluded to the fact that many arb employers were sitting up, taking notice and listening to what employees have to say because they were all too aware of the pending situation.

As predicted, 2012 has barely got underway and employers are finding it difficult to fill vacancies.

For example Asplundh, one of New Zealand's largest and most respected tree work employers, has 17 vacancies to fill in centers all around the country:

Tauranga: 4 positions
New Plymouth: 2 positions
Queenstown: 2 positions
Northshore: 1 position
Central Auckland: 6 positions
Pukekohe: 2 positions

And this is a company which has a lot to offer potential employees - it's hard to imagine how the smaller guys can compete in such a tight labour market?

If you are interested in a position with Asplundh New Zealand (in any of the centers listed above) send your CV to Heidi Ramskill at Asplundh If you need help with your CV contact Treetools direct.

ADDENDUM: the student intake for WINTEC and Otago are both fully subscribed for the 2012 year - good news for arb employers (albeit in the future).

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