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Arb quals, HT licence and experience - always sought after skills

Arb quals, HT licence and experience - always sought after skills

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, September 13, 2012

Read any of the TCIA publications and you'll quickly see the challenge of finding (and retaining) good staff is universal. It's the same here in New Zealand where there is a country-wide shortage of qualified, experienced arborists particularly those with leadership skills.

Why is it that our young men do not want to step forward into leadership roles within the industry?

Perhaps being 'one of the boys' inhibits career advancement?

Should leadership training re-orient itself to mirror the culture of today?

Or should companies re-structure themselves to accommodate these changes in society?

Some companies are well aware of the need to provide an environment where hard work is rewarded and a sense of camaraderie and fun is mandatory.

You could see this in action at the recent South Island Regional TCC.

Beaver Tree Services didn't have the loud banners or corporate tent often associated with 'successful' companies. Rather they had the quiet presence of team leader Chris Latimer.

Gathered around Chris were a group of guys, who obviously liked each others company. Here was the Beaver Trees team ethos in action.

Wander up to the Beaver group and start chatting and you did not feel like an intruder (which is often the case in these situations).

It's very hard to put your finger on how these group dynamics actually work but you can be sure of one thing; this environment would make a great place to work.

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