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Arb Festival update from Jerry Lynch

Arb Festival update from Jerry Lynch

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, October 08, 2010

Labour Weekend Arb Festival organizer Jerry Lynch has sent through this update for the upcoming Dunedin event- make sure you get your tickets booked - this will be a fantastic weekend!

The Climbing Comp… it's all go, the climbing comp won't help your Top 20climber rankings but it will keep you in touch with your inner 'industrial athlete' and… you can try out your new tricks and gizmos before the realdeal! You fellas who need to practice for the nationals, come on down… (to Dunedin).
The Arborists Ball, this is coming together nicely… anyone buying a ticket to the ball gets FREE entry to the climbing comp…
The Donaghys Rope Splicing Workshop… the details are coming together… registered participants will receive a 5m length ofdouble braid and 16 strand over the next few days. They will be required to bring these ropes, with 400mm eye spliced into each end, to the workshopready for testing.

Menno (Kluiters) and Jelte (Buddingh) will demonstrate a splicing methodology followed by discussion about how to set up a certification process.
Places are limited (in the Donahys Rope Splicing Workshop) but there are a few spots left so get in touch with me quickly…

Julian Emeny and Arb Festival organizer Jerry Lynch hard at work judging the 2010 Wellington Regional TCC Work Climb event on Saturday 3 October in the Wellington Botanic Gardens.

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