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ArbPro Tree Climbing Boots give Scarpa Pro Ascent a nudge

ArbPro Tree Climbing Boots give Scarpa Pro Ascent a nudge

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scarpa and Gronell have had the professional tree climbing boot market pretty much to themselves.

The Pro Ascent by Scarpa is the foot locking boot of choice but the Gronell Tango also has its followers.

Now, the ArbPro tree climbing boot has entered the market, taking lessons from the both incumbents.

The ArbPro boot has all the right tree climbing features like no-snag soft lacing to protect your rope while foot locking, an almost flat Vibram sole, rubber rand up the sides, a three quarter shank and a narrow nose.

The ArbPro differs from the others in its use of eVent technology for breath ability and water proofness.

The sole on the ArbPro is quite different to the Pro Ascent but similar to the Gronell Tango. The ArbPro boot has a unique grip pattern and the sole is made from a soft, tactile rubber compound - excellent for gripping round surfaces (like a branch) and designed to be very gentle on the cambium.

Unfortunately, this in-the-tree advantage becomes a liability on the ground - to sole of the ArbPro boot is likely wear out rather quickly if used consistently on concrete or asphalt.

The tree climbing designers of the ArbPro boot felt this compromise was worth it. These boots are for climbing use only!

Judging by the comments we are receiving in the shop about the ArbPro boots - the compromise may well be worth it.

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