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Another successful 'Arbor Day' arborcamp for the Southerners

Another successful 'Arbor Day' arborcamp for the Southerners

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Uxbridge Reserve, the location for this years Southern Arbor Day Arborcamp, turned out to be more accessible than first imagined. Campmaister Jerry Lynch, had signposts erected in every direction making the camp very easy to find - even in the dark!

A hardy bunch of Southerners with a sprinkling from the North, including Dom Eastwood and Guy Clark who had made the epic road trip down from Auckland, braved the weather for a weekend of tree pruning, tree removal, camping and camaraderie over a few beers. 

The overgrown Uxbridge Reserve had been cleared with a 20 tonne tracked ' council mower' prior to the campers arrival so there were plenty of good spotsavailable. Milled slabs of timber, sensibly provided by Jerry Lynch and his crew of students, where quickly worked into walkways, chairs and tables andthe main campfire soon had plenty of faces staring happily into the flames.

Anyone vaguely interested in tree climbing should make an effort to attend one of these arbor camps. Jerry always manages to provide the right mix ofwork, play and education - as well as the opportunity to spend time with peope who are interested in tree work and tree climbing.

Discussion invariably revolves around the newest gear configurations, industry history and the characters who have help shape tree work in New Zealand- not to be missed.

Well done Jerry (and your team of helpers including Mark Roberts, David Glenn and Elena O'Neill) on another successful Southern Arbor Day Arborcamp -roll around next year.

Thoughtplanter Mark Roberts praying his newly planted Arbor Day Halls Totara will take root in the Uxbridge Reserve, Waitaki Valley, North Otago. Asplundh can be seen chipping in the background, cleaning up after the pruning work of Southern arborists.

Auckland-based contract climber Drew Bristow (swinging on the left) and Christchurch's Adam Holland taking down a multi-leader dead gum in the Uxbridge Reserve on Saturday.

More Southern Arbor Day Arborcamp photographs will be available on Flickr over the next few days.

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