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Another important download from VTIO

Another important download from VTIO

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, July 12, 2010

The climbing arborist is one of the last professions to rely on the tying of a knot for everyday work. The Tree Climbers Companion by Jeff Jepson and The Tree Climbers Knotbook by Dirk Lingens have long been considered essential 'knot' reading for tree climbers - now there's another one from VTIO (Victorian Tree Industry Organization).

Scott Sharpe and Frank Somerville originally put 'Knots for Arboriculture' together for the Swinburne Tafe Horticulture/Arboriculture Department back in 2008. Treetools managed to score a copy when we attended a Workshop with Scott Sharpe earlier in the year and it has been a quick reference for knots, and rope in general, ever since!

Now Scotty and Frank have offered to share their Knots for Arboriculture with the wider tree climbing community via the VTIO website.

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