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Andy Neverman to present at the 2011 ISA Conference in July

Andy Neverman to present at the 2011 ISA Conference in July

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The ISA Sydney Conference in July features a 'Climbers Corner' in the Educational Program of events. Guest speakers for the 'Corner' include, among others, Treemagineer Mark Bridge, four-time Australian tree climbing champion Brett Hamlin, Canadian master trainer Dwayne Neustaeter , long-time ITCC advocate Rip Tompkins and… our very own thought planter Mark Roberts.

Mark is listed as presenter for a talk titled "Transitional hitches; how to evolve your climbing system" but, apparently, he will not be the man behind the microphone. 

The honor of telling an international tree climber audience how the evolve their climbing system with transitional hitches goes to another thought planter and well respected kiwi tree climber, Andy Neverman.

Here is what Mark has to say "Having just received my first hard copy brochure for the ISA Sydney’s conference (July 23 – 27) I wanted to point out that even though Mark Roberts [myself] is listed as presenting "Transitional Hitches" on the Climbers Corner, Andy Neverman will be the man behind the microphone.
It should be a good show, not just Andy’s demonstration but the ITCC and conference. I hope you can attend and I look forward to seeing kiwi’s supporting kiwi’s as we take on the world".

Well said Mark and right on the money! Andy is certainly the right man for the job of taking on the world! And, there should be plenty of kiwis in the audience to give him a hand.

Andy Neverman trying to figure out these new fangled SRT thingamebobs at the NTCA Pakaraka Gathering in January. Oh for a transitional hitch!

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